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+ Architectural Design

Upon contacting Terry he will arrange a prompt visit to your property in order to discuss your design requirements. He will explore options with you regarding your project whilst ensuring your ideas comply with local planning and building regulation guidelines. This initial visit will form the design brief and from which he will start the design process by developing your plans and building specifications.

+ Planning Permission

If you require planning permission to move your project forward Terry can assist and manage the planning application process for you. His experience with the local councils and expert knowledge of the planning system will help you to gain planning permission for your build. Upon visiting your property Terry will explain the process in more detail and plan with you the necessary steps.

+ Building Regulations

Building Control is the government body that ensures your project is built to a minimum standard. In order to obtain building regulation approval, your building must comply with requirements set out by the building regulations authority. With many years experience Terry works closely with the local authorities and inspectors to ensure your build exceeds the standards and complies with the regulations.

+ Extending

Extending your property can improve its value and create the additional space you always wanted. Terry explains that extensions provide a great alternative to moving premises, by rethinking a space you can improve the function and how people interact with the building. If you are seeking to extend your property Terry can develop the plans and design an extension to meet your needs.

+ Alterations

Sometimes a building's layout can restrict its functional use, in addition a poor or outdated design can also have a negative impact on its users. In order to overcome these issues and make the most of your property Terry advises that alternating a space and rethinking the fabric of a building can make it more practical and more purposeful.

+ Computer Aided Design

If you have a need for Computer Aided Design work, Terry can provide this service to you, over the years Terry has provided a range of Computer Aided Design services from wiring diagrams and schematics, to zonal floor plans and 3d visualisation. Using the latest methods and techniques Terry has capabilities across multiple software programs.

+ Loft Conversions

Loft conversions offer an alternative solution to increasing the floor area within your property, and since a lot of the infrastructure is already in place it can often be a more cost effective way of adapting your property and gaining additional space than a tradional property extension which often requires expensive foundation and civil works.

+ Structural Calculations

When embarking upon a build it is important that necessary structural calculations are in place. As part of your project Terry will engage the structural engineer and ensure calculations are obtained (if required). Structural calculations detail the required material specifications and fixing methods which are to be employed during the build.

+ Step 1 - FREE Consultation

At the beginning of each project an initial consultation is carried out at the property, during this meeting Terry will discuss the aims and objectives of the project whilst performing an on-site inspection. The time on site will be spent gathering information and developing the design brief, important observations and constraints will be captured and logged.

+ Step 2 - Measured Survey

Upon instruction from the client to proceed, Terry will visit and perform a full measured survey at the property. During the survey internal and external dimensions will be gathered from the property, other information such as boundary treatments, building materials, building services, access, egress etc, will be collected to assist the design process.

+ Step 3 - Fesibility Study

Terry is flexible when it comes to feasibility studies, he understand that some clients have greater needs than others, some clients know what they want and what their objectives are, whereas some clients want to explore their design further and understand the full potential of their property. Terry advises that a good feasibility study offers new innovative thinking and the outcome is often an improved and more fulfilling design for the client.

+ Step 4 - Client Approval

Upon completion of the feasibility study and outline design discussions, Terry will offer the client an opportunity to review the designs and provide any further input ahead of the design development phase.

+ Step 5 - Design Development

Once the client is happy and they have approved the design Terry will commence with the design development and start producing scaled drawings including existing and proposed plans of the property, elevations, floor plans, site plans and any other accompanying information that may be required.

+ Step 6 - Planning Application

Depending on your property and the nature of the design there is some instances where planning permission may not be required, this is called permitted development. However, most building modification work is subject to planning permission, this decision process takes approximately 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Terry can assist and submit a planning application on behalf of his clients, alternatively Terry can provide the drawings and associated information to the client for them to submit themselves.

+ Step 7 - Structural Calculations

Structural calculations are often required to support the building design, especially when it comes to incorporating steel into the build. A structural engineer would produce a report detailing any elements or fixing methods which should be adopted when carrying out structural works. Should a client require structural calculations, Terry can arrange for a report to be produced and incorporate any requirements into the design, ensuring works are in accordance with the building regulations.

+ Step 8 - Building Regulations

Once planning permission is place, Terry will finalise the clients design by producing more detailed plans of the property, section drawings and a building specification. Essentially this phase of the design ensures that materials and methods used are in line with building regulation standards. This additional information will then be submitted to the local building authority or private building inspector depending on the clients preference. As part of the building regulation process an inspector will be appointed to the project and they will attend site during the build.

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