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Terry loves all things architectural, construction, engineering and design. Claiming he wears multiple hats, he identifies that in this modern world you can no longer tie yourself down to a single role, and that you have to be agile and adapt to each challenge. Clients have a different set of requirements and their needs vary from project to project. Terry advises that this is what drives him, each client and each project requires a different way of thinking. Design is not a drawing, or a building, design is a journey and a process between him and his clients. He draws on his experience and knowledge from across the construction and engineering industry and delivers practical but delightful solutions.

In his early years Terry took his love for art and design from school and applied it to his professional life, starting out as computer aided design (CAD) operator he took up employment with a local draughting firm. The firm specialised in architectural services and this is where Terry started to develop an understanding for planning and building regulations. Terry’s continued interest in building design prompted him to take up further education in construction, engineering and architectural technology, a personal development path which spans over 10 years. In order to support his development during that period Terry started up Austin and Austin, an architectural services company providing design work locally in the North East of England.

The name Austin and Austin he explains derives from an aspiration to turn his company into a family business one day, a partnership between him and his daughters should they wish to pursue a career in architecture. However, for now the name Austin and Austin represents him and his alter ego which share the same drive for designing better and more improved buildings for his clients. Questioning and critiquing his own methods helps Terry bring out the best in each project, ensuring the client gets the best service possible.

On a final note Terry is a very approachable person with a wealth of knowledge in the field of construction and architecture, should you require any of his services or would like to see more of his content, feel free to look around his website or check out his social media sites for more information.

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